About Catherine Kettrick

I have studied this work for over 40 years and taught it for almost that long, and of everything I have done, I can honestly say that this work has had the most profound influence on my life.

It affected me in two main ways:  one was the dramatic effect it had on my own well-being, both in the ability to coordinate myself easily, and being able as a performer to let the clarity of my intentions come through clearly to my audience.  More important was the change in the clarity of my thinking: learning who I am, how I react to stimuli and how to make clear, conscious choices about how I want to be in the world.

And it’s a lot of fun!

I no longer operate only from habit, physical or mental.  As David Mills says: “Habit is being ready for the one thing you expect next.  Coordination is being ready for anything.”  I want to be ready for anything.

More details about me (if you are interested!)

  • I have a MA and Ph.D in Linguistics from the University of Washington
  • I also work as an American Sign Language/English interpreter
  • I co-founded The Performance School, a Center for the Study of the Alexander Technique
  • I also co-founded Alexander Technique International
  • I learned to teach this work from Marjorie Barstow, who was the first graduate of F.M. Alexander’s first teacher training program
  • I have taught throughout the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia
  • I wrote a book and a bunch of articles
  • I am an actor, a hoofer and, as Lady Allegra Germaine, a burlesque performer
  • Along with David Mills, I offer classes in the Seattle area; travel to do workshops; and run a rather unique teacher education program at The Performance School.

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