Private Lessons

Private lessons give you the opportunity to explore at length any activity you choose, or pay special attention to any questions you may have.  While we will typically work on everyday activities such as sitting, standing and walking, I also encourage you to explore more specialized activities, especially activities that challenge you–gardening, housework, working at a keyboard, or any performance activity.

A semi-private lesson is simply a private lesson with more than one person.  Sharing a lesson is a great way to observe another person learning; I have found that when students can observe others going through the same process they are experiencing, they learn more quickly.


Half hour private lesson: $45; you may purchase 5 lessons at a time for $200.

Hour private or semi-private lesson: $75; you may purchase 5 lessons at a time for $350.

To inquire about private lessons: catherinek (at)

or text to 206-681-0477 or phone 206-522-3584

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