What leads?

A question came up in class the other day: If I’m supposed to lead with my head, what happens when I’m dancing and I’m told to lead with my shoulder?

Here’s how that works: We have two types of movement we do. The first is a coordinating movement: your head moving delicately forward and up from the top of your spine, and your whole body (axial skeleton) following.

The second is gestural movement. Once you have coordinated yourself, you want to do something: take a step, start a dance, wave at a friend. So what leads? Your head first (with your body following) followed immediately by whatever gesture you want to make.

Note that the first movement we make is always a coordinating movement: either for easy, natural coordination (when our head leads delicately) or in a mal-coordinated way when we tighten our necks and pull our head back and down. So you might as well start well-coordinated, whatever you do!

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